Gas pressure regulators are a type of instrument used to maintain a predetermined pressure level, which prevents overpressure and the complications that can come with it. Gas pressure regulators are used in a wide range of applications and industries, including the biopharma, pharmaceutical, healthcare and research & development markets! There are multiple types of gas pressure regulators, including direct-operated and pilot-operated regulators. Direct-operated gas pressure regulators are the simpler of the two types of regulators, as they respond directly to the outlet pressure changes. Pilot-operated gas pressure regulators, on the other hand, include an extra component: the pilot. Pilot-operated regulators are more accurate and controllable, making them ideal for applications with high flow rates.

How Do Gas Pressure Regulators Work?

Gas pressure regulators are typically composed of three main parts: the loading mechanism, which is usually a spring, the sensing element, also called the diaphragm, and the control element. When gas enters the pressure regulator, it puts pressure on the diaphragm which moves in accordance with the loading mechanism’s setting. The loading mechanism, or spring, can be set to the desired pressure level that is needed for the particular application, so when pressure could otherwise exceed the preset level, it will be controlled by the spring. The control element can be used to adjust the desired pressure level. Typically, a clockwise turn of the control element will increase the pressure and volume of gas in the valve, while a counter-clockwise turn will reduce the pressure and volume of gas. For pressure regulators to function properly, they need to be installed and calibrated while considering the other variables that could affect the pressure inside a system, including atmospheric pressure, temperature, and more.

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