Sanitary ball valves are used for fluid regulation and control with minimal pressure drop, making them the ideal choice for viscous liquids. Sanitary ball valves are often used in applications in the food & beverage, chemical, bio-pharma, and pharmaceutical industries. In a ball valve, there is a cylindrical disc that acts as the opening and closing parts of the valve. When this cylindrical disc is rotated a quarter turn using the handle, the valve can be opened or closed remarkably quickly. Sanitary ball valves differ from normal ball valves because they are made of 304SS, 304L, 316, 316L stainless steel, whereas standard ball valves can be made from cast iron, cast steel, nodular cast iron, copper, and more. The stainless steel composition of sanitary ball valves make them fit for applications with stringent health and safety requirements.

What Are Sanitary Ball Valves Used For?

Sanitary ball valves are used in a wide range of applications that require sanitary processing. The most common applications for sanitary ball valves include manufacturing processes in the food, beverage, dairy, biopharmaceutical, chemical, medical, and cosmetics industries. Sanitary ball valves are classified as sanitary instrumentation because they have refined contact surfaces and the valve operation limits cavities & crevices that could otherwise trap media, leading to contamination. Sanitary ball valves are ideal instruments for handling the flow of viscous media or other applications where inline valve cleaning or remove-for cleaning access is desired.

Steriflow Mark 9020 Series Sanitary Ball Valve

The Steriflow Mark 9020 Series Sanitary Ball Valve is a three piece sanitary ball valve that is  designed to meet every aspect of ASME BPE. Sentrol Life Sciences is proud to offer sales & on-site system services for Steriflow products in New England, the Mid-Atlantic, and Eastern Canada! Contact us today to learn more!

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