MK60 Pressure Regulator

Part #: 60-100-S6/PTS6W728JLED


Like the majority of Jordan Valves, the Mark 60 Series Pressure Regulator part # 60-100-S6/PTS6W728JLED features the advanced sliding gate seat technology pioneered by Jordan Valve.   Using the Jordan Valve sliding gate seat technology, the Mark 60 pressure regulators have the signature straight-through flow, short-stroke that is 1/3 of a globe-style valve, quiet operation and tight Class IV shutoff.

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The Jordan Valve Mark 60 has high rangebility and extremely accurate regulation.  The proprietary Jorcote seat material is extremely hard (@RC85) with a low coefficient of friction that delivers outstanding performance. *316 stainless steel; *316SS trim; *316/Jorcote seats; *1″ NPT ends; * 5-20 PSI range; *Jorlon diaphragm; *Cv=6.4.

Part #: 60-100-S6/PTS6W728JLED


  • Sliding Gate Trim – unique seat design for unsurpassed trim life and accuracy
  • Jorcote Seat Coating – ceramic composite for liquids, gases and especially steam. Very low friction with outstanding wear resistance and a temperature rating of up to 550°F. Steam tested to 1,000,000 cycles and still maintained Class IV leakage.
  • Jorlon Diaphragm – extremely durable, virtually universally applicable up to 450°F. Tested without failure to over 1,000,000 full stroke cycles. Ideal for steam, gases and liquids. 316SST diaphragm ap- plicable up to 550°F.
  • Straight-through Flow – The flow is straight through the valve seats and body. Direction of the disc travel is perpendicular to the flow, not opposed to the direction of the flow. Thus, the flow does not unbalance the seats. The MK60 can use a wider range of its stroke to give ac- curate control; less offset
  • Quiet Operation – typically 5-10 dB less than conventional globe style regulators. The disc and plate are always in contact, which elimi- nates chattering. Straight-through flow mini- mizes turbulence. Multiple orifices in the plate and disc divide the flow stream into smaller flow components
  • Minimum Maintenance – The MK60 sliding gate seats require no special tools for disas- sembly. The seats are pre-lapped at the factory and are self-lapping while in operation ensuring a continual tight shutoff

See our datasheet for the Jordan Valve MK60 Pressure Regulator specifications:

The Mark 60 Series handles a broad range of applications including steam, water, oil, gas and chemicals. The sliding gate seats offer excellent control and extreme longevity in a compact, lightweight design.