AXG Mag Meter

Part #: AXG050-GA000AA1AL212B-1JA11/GRL/SCT/MC


ADMAG Magnetic Flow Meter

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Integral Magnetic Flowmeter, 2″ diameter, PFA Lining, 316L SS Electrodes, ASME Wafer Flange with 316L Grounding Rings, 100-240VAC/100-120VDC, General Purpose, SS Tag, microSD Card (standard)

Part #: AXG050-GA000AA1AL212B-1JA11/GRL/SCT/MC


Stable Measurement: Our own dual frequency excitation method realizes stable flow measurement even under high fl w noise in the fluid with highly concentrated slurry.
Multiple Inputs and Outputs: Maximum four inputs/outputs of current, pulse, and status signals can be selected. Mass or calorie calculation using temperature input is available.
Improved Operation and Monitoring Function: Operation authority level setting for ensuring safety, process data trend display, display backlight flashing (Squawk) function, and data store / restore function with display unit internal memory or microSD card are available.
Improved Maintainability: Diagnostic functions that contribute to preventive maintenance of the plant are installed. Diagnosis of the device (verifi cation function) that can be executed without demounting from piping, detection of the process condition by monitoring the flow noise and electric conductivity of the fluid, electrode insulation deterioration diagnosis, electrode adhesion diagnosis, and wiring connection diagnosis are available.
Communication Protocol: HART, BRAIN, Modbus, FOUNDATION fieldbus

See our datasheet for Yokogawa AXG Mag Meter specifications:

The AXG magnetic flowmeter is ideal for industrial process lines like oil & gas, chemical, pulp & paper, food & beverage, or metal & mining applications.